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Born in Arkansas on December 19, 2002. At 8:32 a.m
December 25th 2002
Your first christmas!  Only six days old.
March 2003
You are Three months old now.  You can hold your own bottle and are laughing all the time!!
April 2003
Four months old.  Rolling over all on your own.  My little rolli polli!!  And the biggest plus for mommy, sleeping through the night!!
June 2003
At six months you are sitting all on your own, crawling and still smiling all the time.
August 2003

Now eight months old you can hold your own cup and wave "hi" and "bye"

October 2003
For your first halloween you were the cutest little tigger ever!  You're ten months old and standing on your own.  You have also started eating solid food. Getting so big! 

December 2003

Its Christmas time now!  Your 1st birthday on the 19th!!!  Your second Christmas you had so much fun with all the bows and wrapping paper!!  Got lots and lots of new toys!!

June 2004
You are now walking and talking alot!!  More like singing really, Alex put everything in a song.  Ba baba ba ba baba.. Momma mom ma mom mom.. Kindof like that..
October 31st 2004
For your second Halloween you were Blue from blues clues!!  So cute.
December 19th 2004
This was your last Birthday with us on earth.  You got to have two parties, one with mom and one with dad!  Happy second Birthday Alex!!
December 25th 2004
Your last Christmas with us you were with Dad on Christmas Eve and Mom and Grandma on Christmas.  Merry Christmas Alex!!
June 2005

  Alex drowned in a pond near his dads home on Friday June 3rd 2005.  The pond has no fence or anything stopping someone from falling in.  We miss you everyday Alex.  Wish you were still here with us.  You touched so many lives.  we love you always.

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