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Thinking of you  / Zana (Mommy)
Just wanted to let you know I was thinkin of you.. Today and everyday.  Miss you sweatheart.  I thought you would like this spongebob!! *muah*  Love you my angel

My mom is a survivor  / Zana (Mommy)
 My mom is a survivor or so I have heard it said,
  But I can hear her crying at night when all others
  are in bed.

  I watch her lay awake at night and go to hold her hand,
  She doesn't know I am with her to help her understand.

  But like the sands on the beach that never wash away......
  I watch over my surviving mom who thinks of me each day.

  She wears a smile for others.....
  a smile of disguise!
  But through Heaven's door I see tears
  flowing from her eyes.

  My mom tries to cope with death
  to keep my memory alive.
  But anyone who knows her knows
  it is her way to survive.

  As I watch over my surviving Mom
  through Heaven's open door....
  I try to tell her that angels
  protect me forevermore.

  I know that doesn't help her....
  or ease the burden she bears.
  So if you get a chance, go visit her....
  and show her that you care.

  For no matter what she says....
  No matter what she feels.
  My surviving Mom has a broken heart
  that time will never heal.

Tiny Angel  / Zana Maxwell (Mommy)

I am a tiny angel
 I'm smaller than your thumb:
 I live in people's pockets
 That's where I have my fun
 I don't suppose you've seen me,
 I'm too tiny to detect:
 Though I'm with you all the time,
 I doubt we've ever met.
Before I was an Angel..
 I was a fairy in a flower:
 God, Himself hand-picked me,
 And gave me Angel power.
Now God has many angels That He trains in Angel pools:
 We become His eyes, and ears, and hands
 We become His special tools.
And because God is so busy,
 With way too much to do;
 He said that my assignment
Is to keep close watch on you.
When He tucked me in your Pocket
 He blessed you with Angel Care;
 Then told me to never leave you,
 And I vowed always to be there.

I will be there By Sharon J. Bryant  / Zana Maxwell (Mom)
Mom, tomorrow I will be there
Though you may not see
I'll smile and remember
the last christmas, with you and me.

Don't be sad mom
I'm never far away
Your heart has hidden sight
My memory will always see.

I watched as you touched the ornaments
Sometimes a tear was shed as you did
I touched you gently on your shoulder
And on tiptoes I proudly stood.

I'm only gone for a little while mom
I'm waiting for the day to be
When God calls out your name mom
We'll be together, just wait and see.

But until that time comes
carry on as you did when I was there
I tell the angels how much I love you
There are angels here everywhere!

I stand behind you some days
When I know that you are sad
I want you to be happy mom
It would make my heart so glad.

So on this day mom
Think of me as I will be thinking of you
And touch that special picture
That I once made for you.

I love you mom
I know you know I do
And I'll be waiting here for you
When your earthly life is through.

Your Child in Heaven

missing child  / Rachel

Hi my name is rachel i'am so sorry for your lose. my god son also drowned at age 3 as matter of fact it would be one yr ago the 29th of this month. my own doughter looked at him as her brother. As days go by and the date gets closer and closer the more it hurts.

your sister in christ rachel

So sorry for your loss  / Dan
I stumbled on your site as I was looking for a specific image of an angel protecting a boy. I see that your little guy looks like my son at that age. Wow how strong you are to have endured that. Thanks for putting this site up so we can hold your hand. Much love to you Dan
Blessings! / Eesha An Era (human)
he is happy... gone for U but came back in a more beautiful world ..!!
7 th. B-day  / Judy Mackey (great-grandmother)
dear Zana.Thinking of Alex today as I do so oftento know that God in His all knowing ways has given you this cross to bear.Someday He'll make it known to us and answer our why's.Till then I'll trust Him to give you comfort and peace.You have a lot of love in your heart and that love in displayed in are doing a fine job in his life.I miss dear Alex and that will never change.He is a gift from God and the short time he was with us he impacted many people.Alex is loved by all of us but most of all by My God and Savior Jesus Christ.Thank you Lord for Alextell him how we love him and give him a hug and  kiss him and tell him we'll see him soon.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear Great grandson. I Love you ZanaGrandma
I feel your pain oh too well.....  / Darla Mom To Angel Brooklynne Grace (Passer-by)

I just came across your precious Alex's Site and all I could do was cry.  He was so handsome you guys look so happy.  I wonder everyday "why".  Why us? Why you? Why Alex? Why Brooklynne? Does it get at all easier?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

6 Years Old - 12/19/08  / Aunt Becky ((aunt))
Oh Zana - I can only imagine that each year on Alex's birthday you are thinking so much about what Alex would be doing. I'm sure a day doesn't go by that you don't think about the "what ifs."   My heart just aches that you have to walk through this pain. I believe God is going to use you to help others who walk through valleys like this.  I pray that the "what ifs" don't keep you stuck. I'm proud of you for moving forward like Alex would want you to. Baby steps Zana. You are doing great.   I love you so much more than can be written here.
Beautiful / Erin F.
god bless i am so sorry for your loss
I'm Sorry  / Connie Porter (none)
I am sorry for your loss.I know what it is like to lose a child.My daughter died Sept.17th 1998,Of cancer.She was just 23.and by the time the cancer had gotten done she weighed about 30 to 40 pounds.Again I am so sorry for your loss.I dont think there is anything worse than losing a child.My thoughts and prayers are with you always.                    Connie   Porter
Hi Zana  / Aunt Becky (Aunt)
Zana - my heart is especially heavy for you this week. Not far from Tampa another little boy (Thomas, a 7 yr old with autism) wandered from home while his mom was in the bathroom and was found a few hours later. I am confident that Alex welcomed him in to heaven standing by our Lord's side. They are good buddies now - discovering all the beauty of heaven together. I will send you an e-mail with his mommy's information that I found online. Maybe you can encourage her heart as she tries to find hope. I love you so much and think of you daily and pray for your mommy heart often!!  Big hugs to you and dear Nicholas from all of us!
The boys are happily together.  / Mary Donahue (Nathan's Grandma )
Dear Zana,
I wanted to let you know that I'm very sorry.
I hope that you and Jen can somehow find comfort in sharing the stories of your sons. Those two wanted you two gals to meet.
Alex was a very handsome boy. My prayers are with your family also. I hope that someday we will meet until then take care of Nick and know that the boys are watching over their Moms! Mary
Thinking of you and your mommy  / Margi Bunch (friend and angelmommy )

Just thinking of you and your mommy Alex.

Thinking of you  / June~Mom Of Crystle Trevino

Have a magical christmas little angel xx  / Georgie -. Holly Clarke Mum

Alex have a magical christmas with all your angel friends.
Stay close to your family and send them extra angel love xx

Happy Birthday, Alex!!  / Dianne/Mom Of Angel Nicholas White

Hello Alex! 

I am sending my Happy Birthday Wishes up to you in heaven attached to the streamers of these balloons.  I sure hope you see them. I also hope our angels are having a great time with you as heaven celebrates your special day.


Great Nephew, Alex, Happy Birthday  / Aunt Becky

Dear Alex - I thought about you all day long and your mommy too - who misses you so much with her every breath.  I know you had a great birthday in heaven with all your new play mates, but we sure miss you here.  I'm glad that time goes by quickly in heaven but please send kisses down to your mommy every day because time does not go as quickly here.  She sure loves you with all her heart and aches for you always.  We thank the Lord for wrapping His loving arms around your mommy.   We love you little guy and we send love up your way always!!   Love, your great aunt Becky  - big kisses & hugs to you!!!!

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